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The best work it’s a favourite occupation. If you are a talented artist, designer, decorator and create art or exclusive one-of-a-kind items you are in the right place. In FAYNOART you can represent your creativity and sell your artworks worldwide. 

Thousands of art lovers and collectors are buying art online, give them an opportunity to find you - tell about yourself and show your artworks in the FAYNOART platform and the admirers of your art will definitely find you. Art lovers buy your artworks right from the website while you are creating new masterpieces in your studio.

What can you sell?

  • Original paintings
  • Orignal drawings
  • Hand-made limited edition prints
  • Digital art
  • One-of-a-kind or exclusive decor items

How does it work?

Send us information about yourself and your creativity, 5-6 photos of your artworks on our e-mail address Our art consultant will check them and if they are accepted we will send you information how to create an artist's profile on the website. 

People who like your artwork buy it directly from the website! We will notify you when it happens and provide all necessary information about purchasing and shipping.

We guarantee the safety of your private information and the security payment on the website!

The artist is responsible for packaging and shipping artworks to the customer.

Artist's responsibility:

  • All artworks you submit for sale must be of impeccable quality.
  • Tell us about you in an interesting way, your story, what inspires you to create, where do you take your energy etc.
  • Give us links to your social media profiles and website if they exist.  
  • Give us the best quality images of your artworks and all details about artworks.
  • Inform us immediately if you have sold artwork by yourself.
  • Respond quickly and provide all additional information about artwork if it needed. Often customers need more details about your artwork before purchasing, in this case, we will contact you via messages.

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